• At Aura, we understand that you have a lot to think about when choosing a music tutor. We want to make the process as easy as possible, so have compiled a list of FAQs to help.

  • Why should I pick Aura for my instrumental lessons?

    At Aura, we are committed to providing instrumental lessons tailored exactly to your needs. In your first lesson, your tutor will talk through your goals and aims and will then plan your lessons accordingly. We offer every student a minimum of 1 termly performance opportunity - we believe that performance is a very important element of instrumental playing!

    Can I come and try a lesson before signing up?

    Yes - we offer a free taster lesson to all potential students. (There is no obligation to sign up after the lesson). We use these lessons to get to know you a bit better, talk through what you want out of lessons and discuss how we'd go forward from there. Parents are invited to sit in on their child's taster lesson.

    If I sign up for lessons, am I guaranteed the same weekly slot?

    Yes you are. All students who sign up for lessons will take a weekly slot, and are committed to this slot.

    How do I pay for my lessons?

    All lessons are invoiced for monthly, via email. Payment can be made in-store via cash or card, or paid via bank transfer. 

  • If I'm unable to make my lesson, can it be re-scheduled?

    We will try our best to re-schedule missed lessons, but cannot guarantee a re-scheduled lesson. Missed lessons cannot be 'saved up', and must be re-arranged for the same day/week (depending on tutors teaching days). Missed lessons will not be refunded unless in extreme circumstances (not illness/conflicting interests).

    My child wants to start on a certain instrument, but we haven't got one. Can I get one from Aura?

    We can offer instrumental rental for a number of instruments, from violins through to clarinets and harps too! We offer a free taster lesson for which an instrument will be provided. However, if you wish to sign up for lessons after the taster lesson then you must provide your own instrument or rent one from us.

    Do you have a minimum age for 1:1 lessons?

    We don't have a set age, although we recommend that students are at least in Reception/Year 1 before they start lessons. With younger students, we structure our lessons quite differently than older students - for example we will include lots of activities to keep them concentrating throughout the lesson, and will make the learning much more accessible through rhythm games, songs, rhymes etc.